DJ Paypal Unites with Brainfeeder for New Single & Project

Brainfeeder and DJ Paypal are making some major moves.

Brainfeeder's next project is going to melt speakers. Teklife affiliate DJ Paypal has a new EP on the way, and he's releasing it through the acclaimed label. Brainfeeder and DJ Paypal have coupled the announcement with a new single as well, the intensely-jazzy "Awakening." Led by an infectious, acrobatic sax riff, "Awakening" is a merging of experimental jazz influences and blistering, ground-shaking footwork. Alongside "Awakening," DJ Paypal's Sold Out EP will feature seven other salvos. The eight-track effort will also feature collaborations with equally-talented artists such as DJ Earl, DJ Taye, Nangdo and more. You can check out "Awakening" above, while Sold Out will officially arrive on November 13.

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