BBC Is Planning A Music Streaming Service

Is the world ready for another music streaming service?

It looks like the music streaming service is getting even more competitive as another potential big player has announced plans to launch its own service. As Music Business Worldwide reports, BBC has confirmed that it is working a music streaming service. The plan was revealed as part of BBC’s annual charter review, which aims to make the 50,000 tracks the BBC broadcasts each month available to listen online for a limited period. The service will be based on BBC's Playlister service, which launched back in 2013, enabling users to create playlists from songs played on the BBC’s radio and TV services and listen to them on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube or Deezer. BBC says:

“The rapid growth in digital and online access to music is responsible for significant change in the UK music industry and is affecting how audiences use our music services. We must evolve our music offering so that it serves new audience needs and habits and allows us to remain a strong partner and contributor to the UK creative sector.There is no set timeline for launch, although it’s certainly more than just an idea, with the BBC revealing that it has already “developed a digital music proposal with the music industry”.

Stay tuned.

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