A$AP Rocky Discusses Cult Followings & Being Yourself With Pharrell and Scott Vener on OTHERtone

And gets interrupted by his mother during the conversation.

During his visit at Pharrell and Scott Vener's Beats 1 show OTHERtone, A$AP Rocky had a somewhat surprising interruption. While sharing his thoughts on women having contributed a more intuitive impact on the hip-hop culture, his mother called in. Other than that, Flacko, Scott Vener and P discussed the importance of being yourself in an industry where trend-chasing is abundant. He also mentioned how he chose a smaller fanbase rather than appealing to radio.

"Most fans are fickle," he said. "Meek Mill was the man last week, then the Drake stuff happened and people wanna bandwagon... You know there's politics to that-- I do think that was a good battle [laughs]."

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