A$AP Rocky Gives His Opinion on “The Perfect Human”

What is perfection to A$AP Rocky?

A$AP Rocky speaks on his idea of "The Perfect Human" for a new piece for Amuse and i-D. Per HYPEBEAST:

Known for staying true to self, New York’s own A$AP Rocky is no stranger to being looked upon as someone who lives a magnificent lifestyle. But what does it really mean to you? Thanks to Amuse in conjunction with i-D, we’re given a closer look into this lifestyle that many strive to achieve. Expressing that the ultimate luxury is becoming one with our own flaws and embracing them, A$AP Rocky graces the introductory cover of Amuse in this editorial video titled “The Perfect Human” and directed by Dexter Navy. Check out the short clip above, and be sure to leave your comments below on what you think makes a perfect human.

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