Here’s the Story of How Drake Met Lil Wayne

Early last year, Rap-a-Lot beneficiary James “Jas” Prince, son of J. Prince, filed a lawsuit …

Early last year, Rap-a-Lot beneficiary James “Jas” Prince, son of J. Prince, filed a lawsuit to Cash Money Records for the third time for believing that he was not fairly compensated for Drake's success. The reason? He claims to be the person responsible for discovering Drake on MySpace in 2006 and introducing him to Lil Wayne. When The FADER caught up with Jas to speak about the situation, he revealed an untold story on how the events went down. Read an excerpt below and head over to The FADER to read the full feature.

On Lil Wayne's first impression of Drake's music:
At the time I was really cool with Lil Wayne, and I brought Drake to his attention, too. I was like, “Yo, I have an artist I'm working with and I believe he's dope.” His response was just: "Jas, don't ever play this for me again. He sucks!" But I'm persistent. Wayne didn't stop me—I kept pursuing it, pursuing it, pursuing it.

On Wayne's change of mind:
I put on "Replacement Girl" and look over and see that he's bopping his head, and I'm like Okay! So I put on another song—an "A Milli" remix Drake did. Wayne was like, "Who's this?" I was like, "Oh, this n*gga Drake that you told me you didn't like." Drake had been sending me music, and I was sending him records he was not supposed to have at the time to rap over, to kind of create a buzz. When Wayne heard his "A Milli" remix he was like, "How did he get this track?" At that time, Drake definitely had an advantage on some people. I played Wayne another song called "Brand New," and I'm like, “He sings, too.” Wayne is like, "Hold up, man, this dude is really f*cking dope.” He's like, “Where is he at?" I told him in Canada, and Wayne was like, "Let's fly him here right now."

On their first meeting:
We flew him into Houston. Drake and I had been talking a lot—I was really blowing him up, we was always texting—but that was my first time actually meeting him. When I brought him to Wayne, Wayne was nonchalant. He didn't really speak to Drake at all, so Drake was like, "Does he not like me?" Before Drake got there, all Wayne was listening to was Drake—and I never really see him listening to nobody but himself, so that was different. But then Drake arrived and it was silent treatment. I felt like he was timid because Drake was so dope, he was competition.

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