Action Bronson Get Interviewed by Jonah Hill

It’s no secret that Action Bronson runs against the grain when it comes to the …

It’s no secret that Action Bronson runs against the grain when it comes to the typical rapper. The Queens native has developed a persona that is unquestionably difficult to label, which actually is one of the artist’s most endearing qualities. In an interview with Interview Magazine, famed funnyman and longstanding comrade Jonah Hill questions Bronson about his progression as an artist, his acclaimed live performances and his impressive BMW collection. In a back-and-forth that is as entertaining as it is informative, Action Bronson begins to further unravel his indescribable yet alluring appeal. Read a few highlights below and check out the full interview here.

HILL: I hit you up after I heard "Easy Rider." I was like, "This is a new leaf turned." You're not holding anything back. And sometimes people not holding anything back isn't good. [laughs] But I hear this and go, "Okay. Fuck yes. This is Action."

BRONSON: I made some decisions a while back. I had to be my own man. I worked with my father [as a cook at his restaurant] for a long time. I acted real immature. And when I broke my leg, I just felt like, after that, I was just going to go fucking balls to the wall with everything that I did. I was going to make decisions and stick with them, and they just turned out to be right. When you take responsibility for your life, good things start happening.

HILL: Well, when you're just yourself and you're eccentric ... I told your manager, "You walk Action into a room, people don't see some TV actor or some shit—it's like he's already a star. There's shimmery, shiny stardust emanating from him."

BRONSON: I'm like a diamond in the rough, man.

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