Big Sean and Ariana Grande Broke Up

He did say “I got a lot but want a lot more” on the arguably …

He did say “I got a lot but want a lot more” on the arguably the best bitter rapper, breakup anthem ever, "IDFWU." However, did anyone else think it was kind of amusing to hear Big Sean to refer to the ponytail wearing, pop princess as his “bad bitch to come around and make it up?”

Less than a week than after Ariana Grande’s dad sonned Big Sean in his Instagram comments and two weeks after Justin Bieber tested him, crossing the line with Ariana on stage, it seems the couple are calling it quits. Although according to Us Weekly “they both deeply care for each other and remain close friends,” this comes only eight months after they started seeing each other which was also fairly close to Big Sean’s abruptly ended engagement to actress Naya Rivera (presumably the muse for "IDFWU"). Rebounding quickly can lead to that sometimes. Maybe we’ll get a few NWTS-level collaborations from Big Sean and Drake considering the rappers’ unparalleled success with songs about relationships with successful industry women, allowing us to further speculate on their private, intimate lives.

Written by Rae Witte

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