Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

On October 7, beat-making genius Flying Lotus is set to release his forthcoming album You're Dead via Warp records. The follow-up LP will include collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, Herbie Hancock, the producer's alter-ego Captain Murphy, and last but not least, Kendrick Lamar. FlyLo previously collaborated with Kendrick for his opening slot on Kanye West's 'Yeezus Tour.' Now the two have teamed up on "Never Catch Me," which sees Kendrick rap over a key-led, jazzy instrumental. A departure from the rapper's usual mainstream sound, check out the psychedelic track above which was first premiered by Power 106's L.A. Leakers.

*updated with CDQ version*

By: Arthur Bray / Hip hop / September 3, 2014 / 7478 Views
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  • Marcus
  • nutmeg

    hear those fucking tags holy fucking shit who said that was a good idea

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  • funkNsteez

    FlyLo changing the world. Is the hood ready for this yet?

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  • Ginobli

    Love flying lotus and I love kendrick sometimes. But this is not great, as much
    as the stans and Dick riders will say it is. I'm not a fan of kendrick simply rapping fast, being aggressive, and then calling amazing because he did that. No. That doesn't mean its great or even GOOD. This track gets one listen from me and that't it.- Ginobli

  • TheDadaPhilosophy

    I feel you, but I also feel like the way he spit it went with the beat. There are kendrick songs that I'd like better without the speed or maybe with a different flow, but I think it fits on this track. It'll get a couple more than one listen from me, but mostly for FlyLo's production.

  • michelle obama

    ey you're missing the point. flylo made a jazz fusion track, and had a rapper hop on it. that's something completely new.

  • Cruel Bob Love

    I love this track. Like all artists that have ever featured on Flylo's albums, Kendrick merely played the supporting role on the song which is exactly what I expected. K. Dot acted as an instrument in a jazz fusion track and flowed well with everything. The point of the song wasn't to highlight Kendrick's lyricism but to progress the story that Flylo was creating with this concept album with the help of a dope rapper. IMO


    cant be spamming young boy , get your shit taken down for that

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  • chiraqqq

    Bruh, this shit goes hard!

  • Bo Bun

    no one cares what you think -Bo Bun

  • michelle obama

    ey i feel you. respect for a good response.the production to me is just too ridiculous. i can't stop playing the very beginning of kendrick spitting, right after the beat drop