Watch Part 2 of the A$AP Rocky Documentary, ‘SVDDXNLY’

Noisey have released the second part of their A$AP Rocky documentary, SVDDXNLY. In part two, we once again join Rocky on tour as him and his A$AP cohorts live their lives centered on tour buses and venue visits. Rocky's relationship with other members of the A$AP crew, such as A$AP Lou and his managers, is further broken down in part two, and other rappers such as Macklemore weigh in on Rocky as an individual and an artist. The documentary also continues to takes viewers deeper into Rocky's life, further breaking down his upbringing and even featuring a short interview with his father. You can watch the second part of SVDDXNLY above.

By: Patrick Montes / Documentary / August 12, 2014 / 4494 Views
  • DBB`

    Joey Badass Beat! Hear this shit trust me.

  • grrovyg

    that first one fire son...

  • OG_wynwood

    I ain't hating but those who know wasup know he took that whole vibe from space ghost purp. I fucks with asap though

  • swagonmyass

    check my music out :c

  • curious

    Anyone know the track at 11:55 by any chance?

  • fake

    SVDDXNLY? why is he using the raider klan hieroglyphics? Quit swag jackin

  • Marcus

    Why does every rap group have a corny ass white nigga? Smh.

  • Flako$

    Shout out my nigga Lou


    true but A$AP did it better

  • OG_wynwood

    I agree