Watch Kanye West Perform at Made In America Philadelphia

In case you have missed the live stream earlier tonight, you can now recap Kanye West's performance at this year's Made In America festival in Philadelphia, presented by JAY Z and Budweiser. Kanye delivered two-hour featuring his classics, rants, basically anything a Kanye fan could wish for. Check out his full set below and stay tuned for part two as he will headline Day 2 of the festival at L.A.’s Grand Park.

By: Staff / Live / August 31, 2014 / 10182 Views
  • Alex Cooper

    "We hangin out the window it's bout to be a Suge Knight" daaaaammmmmmnnnnnn lol.

  • jflamez

    This is tight!! Thanks for the post.

  • JanBezouska

    What is he saying to Virgil during Can't tell me nothing?

  • DD

    telling him to switch up the lighting boards I think. I think he said he was sick of them using the same visuals on the screens for every song.

  • Eclectic Collective
  • Hate

    the lighting is so frustrating

  • Aaron Wnioc Black

    fuccboi vlog. keep scrollin.

  • What

    First time hearing the line, bruh?

  • FactsOnly


  • Yuck

    You even understand that metaphor ?

  • jonny boy


  • Lucas Laflame

    is it that serious the dude is just promoting his blog, i just watch it just because your comment made me curious, that dude actually has some dope ass beats... don't be an ass whole fam ...... Atleast there doing something with their lives.

  • mrs. nigga


  • jkladjsfka

    isn't it a little pretentious to call your own beats dope?

  • abarrye

    video of Ye correcting his visuals during New Slaves at the Philly MIA

  • Andrew Ham

    thank you for this.