SoundCloud to Add Advertisements to Pay Artists and Labels

Beginning today, SoundCloud will be introducing advertisements into their streaming service. For now, the advertisements will only be running in the United States, SoundCloud's biggest market, and will only play on select content. Currently only SoundClound's Premiere level partners, an invite-only level likely comprised mostly of record labels and select artists with major followings on the platform, have the option to enable ads on their tracks. Each time an ad runs before a song plays, that artist will receive a portion of the revenue gained from it. For more information, visit SoundCloud's official page on the matter here.

By: Eric Montanez / News / August 21, 2014 / 1497 Views / Source: MassAppeal
  • maikel

    nothing to worry about thanks to addblock.

  • maikel

    "Talks between SoundCloud and major labels (Universal, Sony and Warner)" and all the small, at-home producers will continue to get shit on.

  • aaiosdfjioj

    That and youtube...that's why I started using Soundclouds because of the ads on Youtube...

  • maikel

    Well i still use youtube because i have add-block but with audio ads i dont think that will work...

  • Guest

  • Lebowski
  • User

    Deadass y soundcloud? why? You mother fuckas where the best in the game. Actually never mind because I mainly listen to underground music on soundcloud. But if u mother fuckas add ads to that then eat someone's dick.

  • JJ

    oh damn underground music? You so cool bruh

  • Marcus

    Buy a premium spotify account and you will get rid of ads you cheap fuck.

  • maikel

    ''For now, there’s not an option to opt out of audio ads on the platform.'' and i already have a pro account you fuck...

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    for more info, coPy it and open it in new tab.....

  • solo

    thats bull, before you no it itll be the same as spotify