Rick Rubin Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge His Way

Yes, this is another video about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And yes, we do recommend you to watch this. Because it's Rick Rubin and Rick Rubin has his own way of doing things. Nominated by Eminem, the renowned producer and yoga enthusiast turned his contribution into a transcendental affair, filling a tub with ice water and submerging himself entirely. On top of that, he filmed the whole thing through Super 8. Watch it above and get inspired.

By: Staff / Live / August 27, 2014 / 3621 Views
  • FamilyGuy

    Dope use of Steve Reich's It's gonna rain. Steve is one of the first musicians to creatively use samples.

  • UBB

    you fuckboi thats not super 8 thats a filter #bruh

  • willyboy

    Yoda rap god still rises

  • Medsharif25

    In later news.. Rick Rubin dies of pneumonia