LARY – Jung & Schön

We've followed LARY's artistic growth during the last year with great interest. Hailed by the German press as a leading voice of a generation that is redefining itself, the Berlin-based songstress is a serious force to be reckoned with on an international scale. Above you can view the video to her latest single "Jung & Schön" ("Young and Beautiful"). The song and its visual companion is an interpretation of the celebration of life. Helmed by Antonin Pevny, the video is a response to the overall obsession of youth and a dedication to the notorious Selfie Generation. Accordingly, the clip features a more mature cast that represents a wonderful contrast to this social phenomenon. Be on the lookout for LARY's new album, Future deutsche Welle (the future German wave), to hit shelves September 12.

By: Staff / Music Videos / August 26, 2014 / 1305 Views
  • longlivecapitalsteez

    I'm from Germany and no one knows this cunt over here.. Please stop pushing german acts. There is nothing like a music culture over here...

  • plasticpelican

    what an ignorant fuck you are! there's such a diversity in the german music business, so many brillant artists, just open your eyes kiddo.

  • minsen

    It´s true. She is obviously too underground for her own countrie´s music scene to know here. Never read about her.

  • longlivecapitalsteez

    We have some good electronica and hip hop artists but the majority is just plain awful especially the pop shit.. When I look at the musicculture in france, the US or the UK I'm really ashamed to be german.

  • Munsen

    Hypetrak's Peter is in good terms with the Label "Chimperator", that's why they keep pushing (only) their artists. Sag, but true

  • Fuck Posers

    I'm from Germany too. This bitch been a Hipster since day one.

  • Jürgen

    Ne rotzfreche Göre is dat

  • hiphopisdead

    OMG, seen that girl hang in around in Berlin. This shit is sack as fuck. Remixed, trap rhythms, dub rhythms.blabla...basically all of what us hip hop has come up with 3 years ago. why u featuring that slut?