Kanye West to Work with Paul McCartney?

Reports that Kanye West has been secretly recording with none other than Paul McCartney. As the The New York Post points out, this collaboration could result in an album. One of the songs, that both musicians have produced together, has reportedly been titled “Piss on My Grave,” a song that has not been approved by Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian. There hasn't been any official comment from neither one of the artists, but, for what it's worth, Kanye was also present at McCartney’s show at LA’s Dodger Stadium last week, while the former Beatle previously stated he would be interested in collaborating with a rapper such as Kanye or JAY Z. Take this news with a grain of salt for now and feel free to discuss in the comment section below on what a collaboration like this would sound like.

By: Staff / News / August 18, 2014 / 2167 Views
  • Dillon

    That Kim and Paul McCartney is mentioned in the same sentence shows how fist-fucked popular culture has become.

  • RAPscallion

    Calm your ass down and reserve judgement until you hear the song

  • Dillon

    How is it relevant whether I´ve heard the song or not - Kim K aka the female Jerry Springer (both fist fuckers of popular culture) is not going to be on it

  • tk

    My mom filled a restraining order against me, my dad, and my "dad's side of the family." And I quote.

    "He has a gun and threatened to kill me before picking up my youngest sons. HIs entire family wants to spit and dance on my grave."

    She lying.

  • KIM

    The fact that you come up with names as 'Kim K aka the female Jerry Springer' and amicably call her 'Kim' in your first post shows how fist fucked you are.
    Get your shit together.

  • DLB

    Wait why does the song have to be approved by Kim?

  • brohan

    As a fan of both artists I have to ask- who gives a shit?

  • michelle obama

    you're honestly right, as much of a legend kanye is, paul is 10 times his fame, and to even mention a human being like kim kardashian whose fame is solely based on nothing (except fucking on tape), it's depressing. kanye and paul should be the only people mentioned in this post. i don't know if i'm mad at hypetrak, but i know i'm mad at kim. so fuck her. i also know kanye reads hypetrak, so therefore, kim shouldn't have to approve your music.

  • lil yung mane

    poopoo caca peepee. amirightguys?

  • poyg
  • max power

    There is potential here, Elton John would be an interesting collaborator as well.

  • ics1990

    Hypetrak, come on. Is anyone even editing these posts anymore? Stop hiring shitty freelancers who don't even know how to write a simple post. Like, fuck.

  • Dillon

    Has so much of Kanye's cum ended in your face you can't see what's clearly right in front of you?

    You fuccbois/fanboys would refer to this video slut as just another thot hadn't it been for she being married to your imaginery boyfriend/god

  • KIM

    Point i'm trying to make is that you're the only one stressing out over his wife. Thanks for proving it.

  • Dillon

    Says the guy with a Disqus-name which is "Kim".

    Celeb obsessed washed up follower youth of America