Drake Takes Out Nicki Minaj for Snack Shopping

Friends before everything. Here we have Drake picking Nicki Minaj up from the set of Usher's "She Came To Give It To You" video and taking her to a convenience store where he is getting all she wants. All the "Anaconda" artist has to do is "point." Watch the snack spree above and see the pair shopping Nutella dip sticks, Cheetos and whatnot.

By: Staff / Behind The Scenes / August 27, 2014 / 9142 Views
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  • Lennox

    Trying to get those buns literally and figuratively.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Mocredible Mocredible

    He definitely dying to smash. Lool Want and extra bag of cheese doodles with that Nicki? I gotch you..

  • muhammadalias

    Content, content & more content.

  • http://FuckYou.altnet/ Isley Joy




  • http://soundcloud.com/thedadaphilosophy TheDadaPhilosophy

    This, the anaconda video, and all that "that's my brother" shit on instagram makes me feel like they're up to something. Whether it's a relationship or getting ready for some collaborative project. Clearly this didn't need to filmed unless they had a purpose. "Hey Nicki, how was the shoot? Meet my camera guy Jeffery. We're gonna go film me buying you snacks in the store". They do look good together though.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrJQSVcOJjE THEDONROTTY
  • HB

    Next up, Kanye picks up his dry cleaning.

  • Mitchye Kennedy

    Next up Drake sucks Kanyes dick

  • http://www.maximumhq.com/ Charlie Dewitte

    I don't think Kanye wears a clothing item more than once.

  • Vamosalaplaya

    I'm sorry but THIS SHIT IS NOT REAL


    real talk