Captain Murphy – Cosplay

Directly following the release of the Captain Murphy cartoon, Captain Murphy/Flying Lotus drops a twisted new number entitled "Cosplay." Over a spaced-out, unhinged beat by Flying Lotus and blunted basslines provided by Thundercat, acidic bars about a bizarre encounter with a woman who "cosplays like she nerdy" unfold like the onset of a psychedelic trip. As always, the work of FlyLo combines the best from the worlds of what's weird, creative, unorthodox and unique. You can listen to "Cosplay" above.

By: Patrick Montes / Hip hop / August 15, 2014 / 3745 Views

    Flying Lotus, John Coltrane of our generation.

  • wolf_mccloud

    what makes you say that/draw the comparison between the two?

  • nigga mcChicken

    cause they both dope niggas


    they're actually related, he's John Coltrane's great nephew

  • wolf_mccloud

    i know, but i wanted to know why he'd make that connection outside of familial ties.