Action Bronson – Easy Rider

After hitting us with the teaser last week for "Easy Rider," the son of Flushing, Action Bronson, finally unleashes the official version. You'll notice Bronson decked out in biker-gear, lurking around and serving some knuckle sandwiches up to these cowboys trying to stop his shine. The single will be included on Bronson's upcoming Mr. Wonderful album (which doesn't have a release date yet), stay tuned.

By: Davis Huynh / Music Videos / August 20, 2014 / 4135 Views
  • maikel

    see another music video with someone riding a motorcycle lmfao

  • Blind Aesthetics

    Fuck, that's ambitious

  • CK

    song only gets better with every listen. video is hilarious.

  • Myster Marz

    Is that the Kill Bill Chapel?!?

  • Dan

    Actions knows what is good, no typical rap shit, this is art. Shout out to Tom G.

  • holuptrap

    Does this beat out "Anaconda"?

  • TopBananas

    does this video make sense if you've seen Easy Rider? also, i love when people pretend to play guitar and their hands are nowhere near the right spot on the frets

  • TopBananas

    thought the same thing

  • WillyWizzel

    Shoutout to Tom H.

  • EagleBoys


  • EagleBoys

    (from Tom H)


    ACTION BRONSON is a fantastic TALENT! Im sure in the future he will get pass the glass celing that alot of popular rappers are trying to break now. Childish Gambino with acting or Wiz with selling weed. This video(like many of his videos) really show who he really is.