Wiz Khalifa – Stayin Out All Night

Within a matter of days, Wiz Khalifa has directly followed the release of a new Blacc Hollywood track with another new track from his forthcoming fifth album. Like the track he released a couple days ago, this new cut, "Stayin Out All Night," centers on partying and good times. From the sound of things, Blacc Hollywood is going to be lighthearted fare, and Wiz seems to be aiming to make his next LP your next weekend soundtrack. You can listen to "Stayin Out All Night" below, and Blacc Hollywood will see release on August 19

By: Patrick Montes / Hip hop / July 23, 2014 / 2681 Views
  • Dem Lipz

    When are his tracks not about partying and good times?

  • Dem Buttz

    When is rap about bad times and not partying?



  • actionbouncin

    thank you cus i came here to shit on this guy's music... nobody cares about weed which was referenced in this song nobody cares about what you got which was probably the whole premise of this song, and hows he's been holding whatever he has been holding down and other booboo gooo gooo sass fuck shit this corny backwards look at my tattoos gay ass nigga be talking bout niiggga die already get the fuck on, this nigga aint snoop this nigga not cudi this nigga just a stupid ass nigga who got on cus ppl think smoking weed is some kind of end all be all drugs in general and shit like that is stupid ... fuck outta here nigga i seen an interview when this slow ass nigga said jimi hendrix was a source of inspiration in what nigga what the fuck did jimi inspire you to do nigga, SMOKE WEED WOMP FUCK ON BOOOBOOO... U WILL DIE OFF CUS I WILL DO IT TO YOU NIGGGA PLEASE BELIEVE ME NIGGGA FUCK YOU WIZ KHALIFA I FUCKING HATE YOU AND YOUR FUCKING HORRIBLE FORM OF EXPRESSION... Cute baby on a human level and you're a heck of a man for going with amber rose though but your fucking music sucks nigga

  • mariadlewis

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  • Guest

    A lot of times ?

  • Zach

    Wiz is a cool dude, he's just chilling and doing what he wants and making sooooooooooo like literally soooooooo much money. It's all good dude, you don't have to stress over it

  • MarvelAlexander

    wow literally the best song i ever heard in my conscious life

  • Wow.

    Yeah, homeboy sounds skressed out.

  • guest

    i agreee with u completely nigga this nigga shouldnt be gettin paid for literally making ass music

  • guest

    fuck you

  • guest


  • chiraqqq

    stay away from the radio

  • K E R M I T

    Dude ran out of things to rap about.