Watch the Trailer for A$AP Rocky’s Documentary ‘SVDDENLY’ featuring Drake, Rihanna, RiFF RaFF & More

A new A$AP Rocky documentary is on the way, and it features the likes of Drake, Rihanna, Macklemore, RiFF RaFF and more. Set to release via Noisey, the trailer clocks in at a little under two minutes, and features an insider's look at the Mob's life backstage and behind the scenes, while detailing their rise from Harlem to global success. Watch the trailer above and share your thoughts in the comments section.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Trailers / July 23, 2014 / 6186 Views
  • Dan

    ASAP is that nigga mayn. He is not even started yet. You wait. You'll put this comment in the history books, Dan called it, ASAP ROCKY is gunna change the game. Period. Don't fuck with me all you fuck boys. Don't waste your bandwidth typing no lame as shit back. I'm right, you're wrong. Go to sleep.

  • matt meyer lansky

    asap dan speaks

  • quas

    fuck you dan


    Haha Dan, what are you going to do with your life Bruh? Keep hitting refresh on hypetrak and wait for the next Kanye and ASAP post? chill its just music. Live life brother! I mean bruhhh....

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  • JesusAintARealNigga

    is he gonna show where he slap's a bitch?



  • Cruel Bob Love



    I totally agree. Rappers are like dogs now.

  • spaceghostpurpssecondcousin

    so any artist can just churn up a glorified 2 hour advertisement call it a "documentary" right before their next album drops and sundance will grab it. c'mon fam. this that justin beiber shit. what happened to lil wayne's tha carter when there's some integrity behind it to the point where the artist doesn't even cosign the film. "all my life i wanted to be famous". so inspiring. much asap.


    Man nigga Dan.

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  • ihateadsbitch

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