Suicideyear featuring Honeycoma – Brye Ting

Taking a step away from the direction of instrumentals and productions for rappers, Baton Rouge producer Suicideyear releases a new, pop/R&B-tinged cut featuring vocalist Honeycoma. "Brye Ting" is a lighter, more vibrant production than what Suicideyear has accustomed us to expect, and the young beat-weaver's new offering almost comes close to feeling like an actual "summer" track. Think the crossover-friendly garage and house of acts such as Disclosure, except with Suicideyear's signature melancholic touch and a lot less neon and glowsticks. Maybe this won't work at a backyard barbecue or a booming pool party, but next time you and a few others are just hanging out trying to take a break from the heat, throw this one on and many good vibes will be shared. Listen to "Brye Ting" above.

By: Patrick Montes / Electronic / July 24, 2014 / 977 Views
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  • Jared M.

    excellent, pretty sure this samples Ta-ku

  • jno

    willow smith?