• #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    10:02 a.m. - Getting ready to head out into the poisoned air of Los Angeles, on our way to Diddy's dive.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    11:15 a.m. - Yes we do laugh. Drinking from Diddy's teat.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    12:14 p.m. - TV shows are goldfish bowl affairs. The group is examined and regarded from all sides and generally treated like living specimens. Sometimes the experience can be more human than others. Revolt TV were very respectful, they understand their artist guests are the vital ingredient and were professional to a T.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    1:17 p.m. - Backstage in the never-ending green room: "There will be a short shot of you guys sitting on the sofas…"
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    1:28 p.m. - Kayus lets down his locks. Instant long hair for men.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    1:32 p.m. - "Who are these c**ts?" Typical UK reaction to another group from the UK
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    1:34 p.m. - Kayus’ comb phone.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    1:51 p.m. - Don’t get nervous. We get itchy.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    2:09 p.m. - As ever, the best looking guy in the room laughs quizzically, wondering what the fuck he’s doing there…
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    3:12 p.m. - Production line. Everyone different, Scarfman has turned into a classic. buy ‘em online or at a show.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    3:22 p.m. - Kayus thinks he makes the best ones.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    3:42 p.m. - White on white on white on black on white.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    3:56 p.m. - Ally makes his own one.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    4:06 p.m. - "This one’s my one." If you have one of these then you knocked it you teef.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    4:22 p.m. - Brandy’s HIT+RUN screen print factory. Old school guy - respect due. In and out in a couple hours.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    4:48 p.m. - Pop band pose #43
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    5:21p.m. - A little bit o’ this, a little bit o’ that. Too much of something, but saved by the hunger.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    5:26 p.m. - Ally uses the seasoning app. Fucking cheat.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    5:46 p.m. - OK, it’s true. This group likes its food, maybe more than hard drugs and sex
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    6:17 p.m. - Looks like two rifles sitting on the coffee table - this being America it wouldn’t be a surprise - you never know when you need to defend yourself from… someone? Something? Bears? Mad people with guns? There's also the Truman Capote book In Cold Blood which G finished just as we were traveling across the mid-west where the story is based.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    6:46 p.m. - It's the details that count, look closely at YFs and you will see… gold.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    7.47 p.m. - Low End Theory. LA institution. Our Steven in classic pre-8pm mode, with Ally-2-phones.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    8:12 p.m. - Soundchecks are stressful boredom, often with sound engineers who don’t know what they are doing or are too fucking stoned to talk. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here.
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  • #OnTheClock with Young Fathers
    11.47 p.m. - Low End Zombies. Look at their dead eyes. What you looking at eh?
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#OnTheClock with Young Fathers

In case you haven't noticed, Young Fathers have been on a Cross-Atlantic campaign recently. Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008, the alternative hip-hop trio have celebrated their US tv debut on Live with Kimmel last month, promoting their excellent debut full-length efford Dead. As part of our new series #OnTheClock, Los Angeles-based photographer Theonepointeight had the opportunity to accompany the eccentric band for 24 hours and document their recent stay in Los Angeles. We receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight of the group's in-studio performance for Diddy's Revolt TV and witness them rocking the live stage at Low End Theory. In between, we follow Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole and 'G' Hastings working on the production line of their popular Scarfman t-shirt as well as prepping some pre-show food at the kitchen. Click through the gallery above and make sure to support this talented group by purchasing your own digital copy of Dead on iTunes.

By: Staff / On The Clock / July 3, 2014 / 2592 Views
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