Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Tops GQ’s List of “21 Albums from the 21st Century Every Man Should Hear”

As if Kanye West's revered 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, needed any more critical recognition, GQ has placed the album at number one on its list dubbed 21 Albums from the 21st Century Every Man Should Hear. Of course, anointing one album as "the one album" you should listen to from a 14-year time span needs to come with some sort of explanation, so GQ provided this reasoning:

It could've been any one of the seven albums West released this century, as fascinating a catalog of celebrity, triumph, love, loss, terrible puns, pretty decent puns, that was ever fucking put together by a single artist. MBDTF was just the record where he talked about all those things at once—a portrait of a man seizing the spotlight, drowning in it, and then somehow finding a way to turn that harrowing experience into art. Anybody who wants to be famous or make music for a living—or do both at the same time—should be forced to listen to MBDTF first. The rest of us are free to enjoy it for the bloody, hard-won, titanic achievement that it is.

But, chances are if you read through music blogs you have already heard MBDTF, so consider yourself ahead of the curve. In related, non-Kanye news, other noteworthy albums to make the list's cut include D'Angelo's Voodoo, Frank Ocean's Channel Orange, Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele, and J Dilla's Donuts. Check out the full list here.

By: Patrick Montes / News / July 31, 2014 / 6227 Views
  • Angelo Medina

    Agree. This album changed the course of hip hop

  • Safu

    Great album but best of 21st century? Nah...

  • soowoop

    good shit, atleast the man might find temporary happiness for the coming days aha

  • Lucas Ross

    Well deserved. Really great list too but I gotta wonder what Ye's expression looks like right now.

  • aficionado

    I love how popular media has shoved Kanye West down everyone's throats and told us to love him. So, of course, everyone turns into screaming schoolgirls, throwing their panties on stage and crying 'I can't live without you Kanye, I love you'. Geez people. Have some dignity, and stop being told what to do. If you actually take a look at truly cutting-edge artists, and the millions of other musicians and art forms (which aren't peddled by media like GQ), and still think Kanye is top of the heap, then good on ya. But at least then you'll be making your own decisions.

  • http://thedadaphilosophy.com TDP

    "21 albums from the 21st century every man should hear" not "best album of 21st century"

  • Ksmith

    Your smug is showing bruh.

  • Tru

    i A LOT of people hate kanye actually. To the point where when you say you like kanye to people who arent into hip hop or rap, you get attacked instantly. its unfortunTe cause many of those people judge him and let that judgement carry onto his music, which is great.

  • Lucas Ross

    Nigga, STFU. Sure, there might be millions of great artist but part of being great is appeal and being able to convince others of your greatness. I gotta homie down the street that got bars for DAYS, best rapper I know but he hasn't put in the work to be where he wants to be. Using your logic, should he be on this list? You look at albums like MBDTF and can literally see how much fucking effort was put into crafting it. Kanye had 11 different voices on All of the Lights - that's effort dude! Album came with a dope ass short film - that's effort. Leading up to the album was a crazy tape, G.O.O.D. Friday - that's effort. When you put in that much work to create your record, it doesn't take GQ or XXL to do the convincing. YOUR MUSIC SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. That album was legendary and I appluad GQ for recognizing that shit in spite of how douchy Kanye can be.

  • Marcus

    Lol back 2 school nigga.

  • dougie man

    uh, nah bro, TCD was better imo

  • Ruben

    Kanye's best album by far

  • doesn’tmatterhoe

    explain please...

  • RAPscallion

    It was #1 on the list, so...

  • https://twitter.com/FRZNSHOP FRZNSHOP
  • asdiofj

    His older albums were way better. FOH CQ

  • http://thedadaphilosophy.com TDP

    So it's the one every man needs to hear the most. Not the greatest of the century. Lol I see how you can interpret that way though.

  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    Haha Beyonce at spot 18. GTFO

  • ………………

    Stop trolling.

  • http://cformusic.com/ cformusic

    such an overhyped album..it was good..but let's be real..a classic means you occasionally want to go back and listen to it..that joint was big in its moment..but replay value is extremely low..late registration and college dropout have more replay value..and songs from graduation and watch the throne (namely Paris) have way more replay value than any songs from MBDTF..and if you wanna talk about risk taking game changer then theres 808s

  • Armani Cooper

    I replay that album everyday. By far my favorite hip-hop album of all time.

  • Kanye West

    My next album will be the album who changed the course of hip hop in the 21- century

  • Tweley

    College Dropout gets more replay

  • Nahmean

    MBDTF is an album that shows how far hip hop, and music in general, can go as far as sound and presentation. The atmosphere of MBDTF feels elegant but haunting almost, and the album as a whole works together, like there isnt a track on the album that sounds out of place. You dont have to be a kanye fan or even a rap fan to notice the complexities of the songs. From the samples to the transitions, its a powerful body of work compared to many other rap albums. It's a genre blending rap album that shows influences of rock, classical, electro, and rap that blends in almost effortlessly. It changed the course of hip hop in that there hasnt been another album in hip hop that has yet to compare to MBDTF, but many artists in hip hop have attempted to duplicate and replicate that atmosphere/theme it has. VERY cinematic and grand.

  • If anything that was The College Dropout. Almost everything considered popular in hip hop/rap was some form of gangsta rap prior to this album coming out and look how far hip-hop has come since The College Dropout as far as sub genres in hip-hop

  • Kevin nionne

    read this whole thing & you definitely don't know what you're talking about if anything this album was under hyped, how could you not want to go back & listen to this shit, nigga did you hear the guitar solo in devil in a new dress before rick ross verse ??? you wilin, you sit there & listen to niggas in paris 400 times if you want to fam MBDTF is legendary

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  • RAPscallion

    Why would they recommend an album the most if it wasn't the best?

  • http://thedadaphilosophy.com TDP

    "Hey man, you really need to hear this! It's not the best, but you gotta hear it"

  • swagonmyass

    check my music out :c