Kanye West to Headline Budweiser’s “Made in America” Festival

Kanye West has been selected to headline this year's edition of the Budweiser's Made in America festival. Having been chosen to headline both the Los Angeles and Philadelphia outings, Kanye will take up the top slot in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 30, and in Philadelphia on Sunday, August 31. "Made in America" will take place in Los Angeles and Philadelphia during the weekend of August 30 & 31. Ticket information is provided at this location.

By: Patrick Montes / News / July 16, 2014 / 1651 Views
  • UglyFrank

    7th single currently being projected outside ATL LV store

  • dfdk

    what 7th? he where can I hear the first 6

  • CharleyGFX


    thank gawd I'm on KTT. if I waited for you guys, I wouldn't have a ticket.

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  • Playstation 2

    Made in America website has him in Philly on the 30th and LA on the 31st