Kanye West Covers GQ Magazine

Kanye West is the man of many talents, fashion icon, new father, devoted husband and now, a GQ cover -- this following his cover shoot with his wife back in March for Vogue. Meanwhile, the August issue hits stands nationwide July 29. No details on the featured editorial itself as of yet, but details should be coming shortly. We'll keep you updated on Ye's interview and cover story when it becomes available, so keep it locked.

By: Staff / News / July 19, 2014 / 2522 Views

    You guys are obsessed with Kanye.

  • UglyFrank

    Yeezus stay winning

  • ………………

    looks on point.

  • takeiteasy

    "style god of epic proportions" nigga damn slow down on that Yeezy dick riding.

  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe

    Naw, people just like talented artists that do creative things. He happens to be one of them that does the most.

  • Real nigga

    ye stay clean

  • kenyeezy

    seriously its like at least one post a week, can they just get off his dick for one second

  • Alex

    Off cours, I mean you have artists like Salvador Dali, Versace, The Beatles and some guy with a 100 people to help him out is the creative one

  • ß

    Chill. The Beatles are considered the greatest musicians of all time by publications such as Rolling Stone, so don't go including them, especially since they broke up already and there two dead members. The other artists simply weren't given the opportunity to be noted, but right now, it's Kanye's time. People always look for a reason why someone doesn't deserve some fortune...

  • Sensei Swag Master Ill-tastic

    Nigga, crawl back into your moms vagina and stay there for life. You are an idiot.

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  • Howle

    I have that faith your sister gon take this dick in her spare time

  • guest

    new hypetrak post: kanye takes a shit.

    5 responses: go kill urself... kanye is a god... go back to ur moms basement...

    i get it hypetrak ur tryna make money by posting popular stuff... its the people that comment back all defensive as if they're part of kanye's crew thats really funny

  • Kate Perry

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  • HYFR

    Look how happy he is. Again getting what he really wishes for :D

  • guest

    ur fucking name is kenyeezy

  • Alex

    I like kanye his work but people overreact and idolize him besides the artist I mentioned were all famous during their lifetime