Issa Gold (of The Underachievers) – Conversations With A Butterfly (EP)

Issa Gold, one-half of The Underachievers has just dropped his first official solo effort, Conversations With A Butterfly. Just a little something to hold the fans over until UA's debut album Cellar Door, drops on August 12. Issa's EP meanwhile is very sonically cozy, and it should be noted he has a track with the legendary Thundercat on this project so be sure to check that out. Stream/download below.

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / July 29, 2014 / 1545 Views
  • Idk

    I mean half of tracks already came out so I was expecting some fire shit but it was good. Issa slacking in but that's just me . Quick question how can you tell people to love themselves and open there eye and call girls ho's at the same time but yet fuck them anyway?

  • cformusic

    this is conscious rapper 101..where you been?

  • nikol kidman

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