Flume & Kanye West – Insane (White Panda Vocal Edit)

Here's another mashup worth your while. Courtesy of White Panda, we get to hear Kanye West rapping over a Flume beat as the production outfit fuses the former's “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” vocals with the latter's “Insane” instrumental. Although Kanye's vocals could be a little bit louder, this is definitely something for a more chilled listening experience, making the song an adequate companion for breezy summer nights. Enjoy!

By: Staff / Remixes / July 22, 2014 / 11742 Views
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  • okok


  • Bertie Simpson

    levels sounded fine to me. lol at hypetrak's mixing tips

  • President George Washington.

    vocals could be sync'd a little better but the production is fireeee

  • Guest


  • fypetrak

    i guess hypetrak now deletes negative reviews for the trak. fuck you hongkonganese bastards

  • ajklsdfja

    sorry this was really mean

  • Steve From Accounting

    https://soundcloud.com/dimv/kanye-west-cant-tell-me This version of cant tell me nothing is better

  • Altr
  • Will C.
  • A-Wilks

    Where do you see hypetraks mixing tips?