Flume & Emoh Release Mysterious Unnamed Track as What So Not

Australian artists Flume and Emoh are hailed on a global scale for their productions as solo artists, but for those who didn't know, the two often pair up on a collaborative project known as What So Not, and it looks like What So Not has shared some music. Unveiling a brand new unnamed track exclusively to the PlayPacks App (check it out here), the song is now available for streaming below, while budding producers and artists out there can obtain samples from the track via the app itself.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Electronic / July 10, 2014 / 8358 Views


  • Com_Truise


  • beflygelt

    Australia's the shit. Why does Hypetrak never share news about genius rapformations like Bliss n Eso or Mind Over Matter? They are REALLY good!

  • http://www.yupstermusic.com Yupster

    feels like blissing out in the hot springs of planet Endor

  • boom

    flume is the next level shit

  • Yama

    where can I download this song ? the link is not working, help me I love this track !!!

  • nope

    because they're everything that's bad about australian music

  • beflygelt

    and why do you think so?

  • beflygelt

    because they are using real instruments to make music?

  • Lil Bitch Nigga

    aus rap is garbage. same repetitive bullshit flow is used by every aussie rapper cunt