Fences featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Arrows

We've got new music from Fences, and today the band has joined forces with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for a tune titled "Arrows." Clocking in at a little under four minutes, the track makes way for Macklemore's feature verse around the 1:30 mark, and can be streamed in full below. Hit play and share your thoughts in the comments section.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Pop / July 29, 2014 / 2923 Views
  • brvhbrvh


    upvote if you don't want your mom to be cheating on your dad with the mailman

  • Nick Uzi

    Nigga was never on, can't spit and ryan lewis' beats are beyond shitty

  • Colour her bad

    I think it's such a good song! <3 :)

  • sm@rt@ss

    the thing is..... dont need to spit to be rappin nowadays... this is way more indie-rap than hip hop ...... you can go back to Juicy J's "Scholarship" if you prefer and please wipe that saliva off your chin, makes you look retard.

  • smartass

    "You don't need to spit to be raapin nowadays"

    - Nobody Responsible for shifting culture and society with Hip Hop Music.

    "The only thing to rap is the rap itself"

    - Reverend Run of Run DMC

    If Macklemore can't rap, he's not "indie-rap," or some other subgenre of Hip Hop. He's just not a talented rapper who can put out good rap songs. In reference to Rev Run, if you can't rap then you don't qualify as a rapper.

  • maikel

    Macklemore and who?

  • Nick Uzi

    You're pretty dumb for a person named "sm@rt@ass", whatever the fuck indie-rap is (cause you just made that shit up on the spot) rap is rap and if you can't rap you ain't rap

  • queezie

    i guess hating will always be cool…macklemore was a great fit for this song

  • BB

    Fences did a remix for Macklemore on his song Otherside before he got big, I guess he's just returning the favour. It's a pretty good song, all those haters just need to accept the fact that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made it, and it has been well deserved, these guys work like crazy.