Drake Recites Poem for Skylar Diggins & Gets Friend-Zoned

Aubrey Graham is on a roll tonight. Having taken the stage as host of tonight's ESPYs, Drake has offered up everything from comedic monologues, humorous skits, joke songs and now, he's even dishing out a bit of spoken word. Stepping up to perform a poem dedicated to his WNBA crush, Skylar Diggins, the Canadian rapper is taken by surprise when Miss Diggins herself shows up on stage to -- as she puts it -- "end this craziness." Lordy, lordy, Michael Jordy. Watch Drake perform his poem above and look for Diggins to step in around the 1:00 mark.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Live / July 17, 2014 / 6477 Views
  • tk

    I don't blame him for turning his lust for Skylar into a skit. He's using the ESPYS stage as a lead for mainstream media to make them a hot item. They wouldn't be the first to come together as a celebrity couple over public perception....

    Plus, didn't he just make it clear he's a triple threat while appealing to the ESPYS' audience (something for the family to watch). What I think is this: There is just as much if not more diversity within a culture like the black community than there is outside of it. Whether you think Drake is acting white or being himself, he just earned at least another 5 years to his career, and time is money.

  • carolynrchilders

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  • http://www.huubb.com/ Lord_FAFA

    This doesn't look staged at all!

  • $ir Achille$

    Obviously staged, but it's still hilarious. sirachillesbeats.weebly.com

  • Flame & Hot

    don't she got a man? drake going to get common'd again

  • HB

    Why is he dressed like he tailed gated the shit?

  • namron

    I wonder how sweaty his forehead was when she kissed him....mmm salty.

  • Ok

    I feel like that Waka Flocka gif

  • what

    the fuck? please don't pretend like drake needed this to add 5 years to his career... or that this really effects his career or listening base at all. or that anyone will remember or care about this at the next espys, just like a year from now we won't care that ellen hosted the oscars last year or that jon hamm hosted the 2013 espys.. i just had to google that, and i watched it.. thats how much of an impression it made on me. and i'm a huge jon hamm fan. moral of the story.. it doesn't matter.

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  • uj

    jamie & serena

  • skateboard_B.U.

    same wack rhymes no black berry