Common Confirms Business Relationship with G.O.O.D. Music is Over

During an extensive Q&A with Sway for MTV's RapFix program, Common has confirmed he is no longer part of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. While Common made sure to reiterate that Kanye is his "brother" and that the G.O.O.D. Music crew is still "family," the 42-year-old Chicago emcee confirmed his business relationship with 'Ye and company is over. During Common's breakdown of his current label situation, the longtime rapper and actor expressed the disconnect between his concerns over making an album and Ye's current agenda, but ended his statement about his and Kanye's relationship by remarking "as long we bros, I'm good."  You can watch the full clip of Common discussing his current business relationships and his friendship with Kanye above.

By: Patrick Montes / Interviews / July 25, 2014 / 4294 Views
  • Amber Hose

    Kanye chasing people away

  • DLB

    He's burning all his bridges...
    kid cudi, jay z, common..
    he doin it all for art?

  • juliyahedan

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  • yoWhatUP


  • tk

    Is this a sign of Kanye's ego? If you listen to Cudi's and Hitboy's reasons for leaving G.O.O.D, their stories show a flexible, encouraging, and open-minded side of Kanye.

    Common made his move to Def Jam because of No I.D. who is also the man who mentors Kanye. No I.D. Common and Kanye are all on the same team, but in different places creatively and career wise. Nobody fucking wit the click.

  • UglyFrank

    This is exactly like Kid Cudi, then they will never work together again

  • Lunakye

    Cudi is literally just an upgraded version of Kanye. But I still love Kanye

  • TDP

    I don't think Kanye is "chasing people away". I think like all the former members said, they all have different agendas. Kanye is doing too much right now to focus on all their careers

  • thomas

    no, he's really not

  • Mitchye Kennedy

    An upgraded version of Kanye? fuck you been smoking bruh?