Bishop Nehru & MF Doom Share ‘NehruvianDoom’ Release Date and New Single “Om”

We're a few steps closer to the release of Bishop Nehru and MF Doom's collaborative album today as we get the official release date as well as a new single off of the project. Entitled "Om," the track sees a very impressive lyrical performance from Nehru with DOOM makes his presence felt on the hook. Listen to "Om" above, check out the tracklist below, and get ready for NehruvianDoom to drop September 23.

Bishop Nehru & MF Doom - NehruvianDOOM (Tracklist)
1. Intro
2. Om
3. Mean the Most
4. So Alone
5. Coming For You
6. Darkness (HBU)
7. Caskets
8. Great Things
9. Disastrous

By: Eric Montanez / Hip hop / July 25, 2014 / 3306 Views

    Can't wait.

  • TDP

    My favorite was "the end" and thats not a joke people... there is an actual track called "the end". i think you can do better from what i hear. not bad though

  • TDP

    I really appreciate it fam. It's not my best work. You can check the rest of my page if you get a chance. Thanks a lot.

  • swiñore

    your name weak. your music hot. change your name - too close to TDE. need branding


    yep. maybe just philosopher or phlsphr.

  • TDP

    Thanks, I been thinking about that. I'll consider it.

  • Lunakye

    So excited for this release

  • Praverb

    This is a dope track wow...I definitely slept on this. "Am I being idolized, or am I pair of idle eyes?"

  • scott

    am I the only one that is listening to issa gold's new mixtape conversations with a butterfly? shits not even posted on this site and its fire.