Ab-Soul Shares His Seven Conspiracy Theories

Never one to shy away from a chance to delve deeper into what goes on in his head, Ab-Soul linked up with BuzzFeed to pen a list entitled "7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything." Ab-Soul has already expressed in his music and in interviews that he follows some left-of-center schools of thought and is mindful of many alternative political and sociological beliefs. This list compiles seven of those unorthodox ideas that might seem kind of "out there" to many, but according to BuzzFeed, Ab-Soul is leaving everything open-ended. Naomi Zeichner writes:

He didn’t dwell on proving each theory’s potential. “If you’re into that, you can dig into that,” he said, with a wizardish smile.

You can read the full piece here, and check out all seven theories below.

1. The president is not actually the president.

“I have reason to believe that the guy who delivers the oath for the president to recite at the presidential inauguration — I think his boss is the real president. Somebody’s paying him to get this guy inaugurated.”

2. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland.

“The pineal gland excretes melatonin, which helps regulate your dreams during REM sleep. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. Fluoride is found in toothpaste, something that you need to use every time you eat. It is also found in tap water,” Soul said. “I brush my teeth with Tom’s non-fluoride toothpaste.”

3. Spelling is a spell.

“Ad-vert-is-ment. Pro-agenda. Hell-o. You greet people with hell,” Ab-Soul said. “Be aware of spelling. You gotta think — language is self. Language is a survival tactic.”

4. "Minority" is a disingenuous concept.

“What race of people do you hear referred to as minorities? Non-white people, blacks, and hispanics. The ‘minorities.’ But they’re not in the minority.”

5. The word "racism" is a tool for injustice.

“Racism is not an emotion. It’s not a feeling. It’s not a prejudice. Racism is a race, like a running race. Racism is a word created to describe this race for supremacy. It’s a tool used to keep people in separate cars.”

6. UFOS have been identified.

“UFOs: Unidentified Flying Objects, plural. I think they’ve been identified. We have a lot of reason to believe that NASA or the space intelligence is confidential. A lot of the pictures that you see have been photoshopped. If you’re into that, you can dig into that.”

7. Ultimately, everyone sees the world differently. 

“Your eyes are connected to your brain. Everything you’re seeing is coming out of your brain. So what you’re seeing may not be what I’m seeing. You’ll never be able to hold your brain in your hand.”

By: Patrick Montes / News / July 3, 2014 / 5090 Views
  • Rup

    I wouldn't call anything ab soul said a conspiracy. To me it sounds like a man just sharing his inner thoughts. Pretty much like how kanye west expresses his inner thoughts on stage. Only difference is when kanye west shouts his thoughts it's called a rant and when ab soul quietly shares his they call it a conspiracy... They say we have the right of freedom of speech but whenever someone speaks freely with anything insightful, they turn around and use the media to make you look crazy.

  • kanyeyeast

    Lol don't compare me to this guy he is jokes srsly how does anyone believe this shit jesus

  • khoi

    Because " Jesus "

  • Guest

    That's just a conspiracy theory.

  • Brohan

    I'd bet money dude has a theory that bathing is a way for the government to steal DNA samples.

  • sickpeniscarstolenzoodeath

    Only Americans use the word 'minority' though really.

  • http://www.vice.com Tweley

    This asshole isn't saying anything new, stick to rapping.

  • Kroniq

    He only sounds a little bit schizophrenic. Which I guess is okay if you're famous?

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  • DD


  • Clifton Van Dyke

    why 'asshole'? no chill.

  • http://www.vice.com Tweley

    He comes off like he has a message to say and it's just recycled.

  • Black

    but considering who he is, more people'll pay attention. What's a message without proper promotion?

  • http://www.vice.com Tweley

    If you have to wait for a musician to teach you things written in books, you already failed.

  • YoungPiccolo

    number 4 isn't a theory its a fact

  • you faded fuck

    this motherfucker went to the wrooooong source. shoulda hit up highdeas bruh bruh

  • Tyrell Sease

    Either way it goes he's just a messenger. Thoughts have been around for a while but they always wait for someone influential to come around and put out what's going on...