Ab-Soul featuring Schoolboy Q – Hunnid Stax

Ab-Soul has released a video for "Hunnid Stax," the Schoolboy Q collaboration off his recent album. Soulo's new visual impression finds the rapper partying and enjoying the fruits of his labor alongside the likes of Mac Miller and Q, and even features a vocal cameo by Puff Daddy. Even though These Days... may have been met with some mixed reactions, the black lip pastor is still eatin', just like Puff Daddy says. You can watch the video for "Hunnid Stax" above.

By: Patrick Montes / Music Videos / July 14, 2014 / 2947 Views
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  • Ana Carolina Laurindo

    I like Ab-Soul and These Days, but this is terrible.

  • Realness

    This song is weak af

  • tk

    Its crazy how you listen to new artists after high school. Maybe freshman year I would have played Ab Soul the way I was playing Curren$y. Hearing this artist come out while I'm in college is a small sign of how much I've changed. I don't feel his music at all. I'd rather listen to Jay Electronica or MC Ren.

  • kk

    It's hard to expect more from a song like Hunnid Stax but i did expect more than your average L.A. rapper everyday video. Not a great video.

  • class of ’14


  • hmm

    For an artist like Ab Soul I'd say it depends on what sort of song you're listening to by him. This particular song and the majority of the album it's from center around the concept of music "these days." Even then, he definitely has some introspective, emotional, and lyrical tracks if that's what you're more into.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    sh^^^^^^^^^t there some decent a$$ shots

  • http://www.gourmet-thoughts.tumblr.com abuseandres

    I'm just waitin on K. Dot...