Watch Tyler, The Creator and IceJJFish Perform “I Just Bought A Bugatti” on ‘Loiter Squad’

Once again, Tyler, The Creator and the Odd Future crew prove they're some of music's best satirists and produce some of the best parodies to ever come from a musician this side of Weird Al. On Loiter Squad last night, Tyler resurrected his rapper-character "Young Nigga" for an IceJJFish collaboration entitled "I Just Bought A Bugatti." The Loiter Squad bit parodies most of what's happening right now in hip-hop, and it's actually kind of scary to realize just how closely this parody piece resembles what would now be considered a "serious track." Watch the full video above.

By: Patrick Montes / Music Videos / June 6, 2014 / 8347 Views
  • maikel

    are they making fun of fish face or are they laughing with him?

  • Starvenchy

    LOL!!!!!! What's wrong with this nigga?!

  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe


  • disqus_nkiRrRbSUe

    The Tyler verse was actually good as dumb as it was.

  • dogī no otoko

    yo bitch want the fish

  • simplymike

    IceJJFish first time in a real studio.

  • TheLastMindBender

    so no one is gonna talk about the Rocket Launcher lol

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  • Monstertalon

    Tylers verse was Fire tho... lol

  • Michael


  • Fredrik Svärd