Ty Dolla $ign featuring The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard – Or Nah

Ty Dolla $ign unveils the new visuals to accompany his catchy summer anthem with all his featured compadres today. "Or Nah" first appeared on Dolla $ign's Beach House EP that was then unofficially remixed by The Weeknd which ended up making it on the official version. A lot of nice scenery and eye candy in this one, peep above.

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / June 13, 2014 / 2561 Views
  • Dev

    This shit was already essentialy released in parts. And I am tired of this already. One more jewish girl says "adasdad or...nah" on facebook trying to be clever and I am going to eat bacon at a synogogue.

    Also, this reminds me alot of this:


  • toronto

    they just rearranged the damn verses

  • David Nava

    I love when there's budget for videos and do things like this, very good song! and I'm not a fan of Ty

  • CharleyGFX

    this was the same house as 2 Chainz "Feds watching"

    It's dope, Yes. Requires the director to be wayyyy more creative, since he has less to work with. Check out "G Eazy - Almost Famous" if you wanna see the best video ever.

  • David Nava

    Wow, here's something very funny, I had heard of G-eazy, but not all, I didn't know that he rapping, wow this video is amazing, I'm motivated, Suuuper motivated, thanks!

  • wiz verse seems off

  • HB

    This is like watching Michael Jordan, Richard Sherman, and Barry Bonds play basketball together. If you need autotune then you can't fucking sing so avoid that shit.

  • this is wack

    It's the autotune dog