The Weeknd – Often

We've got new music from Toronto's own Abel Tesfaye, as today The Weeknd has offered up a fresh release titled "Often" on his SoundCloud. Said to be a cut off his upcoming project, the track is built on production by Ben Billions and is currently available for download through the SoundCloud track itself. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

By: Zahra Jamshed / Soul/R&B / June 25, 2014 / 8777 Views
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  • maikel

    its been too long, The Weeknd never disappoint. hopefully he will release a new EP this year

  • Weaknd

    So disappointed.

  • MikeyBrock

    Lovin this track, he's always great when he turns the beat up a bit.

  • Erik Daisy

    thank god its the weeknd before that last bit of stuff he put out

  • K.W.

    on point, salute.

  • D. Leyton

    So am I.. with your comment.

  • leatherlaces

    Dope as always..beat is crazy..vocals on point..lyrics kinda "Or Nah Remix" level tho..

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  • Sauce Funny

    iT's straight, big up to ben biliions definetly a dope beat. Lyrics whatever

  • really

    Fuck off.

  • LouisaMorrisonuda

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  • Theneighbour’s neighbour

    hypetrak needs a capcha or math question or one of those shits, i dont wanna hear about this bitches neighbour.

  • Hiii

    I can hear schoolboy on this beat. Maybe he'll get tapped for a remix

  • samantha fringefuck

    cool stuff nice listens

  • magichappens777

    yeah agreed. dont forget to tag #chixinkix for a mention

  • ayeyu

    did a spitshine on this if anyone interested.