The Underachievers – Felicity

Brooklyn rappers The Underachievers have released another single from their upcoming album, Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium. "Felicity" is set to be the second-to-last track featured on the album, and its production is provided by Nick Leone & The Ruby Suns. The track contains more of the chakra-feeding raps that Issa Gold and AK have based their Underachivers project on, and the duo continue their mission to pry open your third eye in the same fashion you would unlock a door using a crowbar. The pair have also coupled the release of their new single with the news that their upcoming album will arrive on August 12 and the unveiling of the LP's tracklist. Check out the new single above, and scope out the tracklist below.


1. Luminescence

2. Chrysalis

3. Radiance

4. Caprice

5. Incandescent

6. Sonorous

7. Metropolis

8. Nebulous

9. Ethereal

10. Quiescent

11. Felicity

12. Amorphous Feat. Portugal The Man

By: Patrick Montes / Hip hop / June 27, 2014 / 2617 Views
  • song is nana

    Wow the Cover is pretty damn ugly

  • IKE

    That's just like, uuum your opinion man....

  • david s lee

    these people lack artistic 20/20

    they think its quantity over quality

  • jhj

    what happened ? that was stupid

  • 3424524

    why the fuck does issa quote ti of all rappers in the chorus?! lmao big shit (definitely not) poppin haha

  • bensteinsbroke

    a lack of respect for old ti is a lack of respect for hip hop

  • Damn

    I don't understand y you need to say that when we already know it's his opinion.

  • Damn

    Best thing I heard from Issa in a while because he's been slacking on his lyrics. He had a dope flow and wasn't repeating shit he wrote from years ago. Ak is fucking nice. He never disappoints

  • Com_Truise

    Some generic hip hop. Boring af. Coulda be a Wiz Khalifa joint.

  • Jake

    Nah this was ass.This album better not dissapoint, they haven't made a good song together since Indigoism