T.I. featuring Young Thug – About the Money

Say what you will about Young Thug, T.I.'s collaboration with the eccentric ATLien is one of T.I.'s strongest singles in recent memory. Now, we have a visual to go along T.I. & Young Thug's anthemic "About the Money" that features just enough oddball flair to be considered a Young Thug-featured track. There's bullets on bibles, vampires, huskies and Young Thug doing what Young Thug does in a few very Young Thug outfits. Birdman also continues to keep his name entrenched in Young Thug-related news items, and appears for a cameo as well. Check out the Kenny Rothchild-directed clip above, and keep in mind Paperwork will be out in the near future.

By: Patrick Montes / Music Videos / June 2, 2014 / 2647 Views
  • fuckcunt

    i dont know why i was even expecting good visuals.

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  • Pete and Beat

    Young Thugs music give me the impression of a concentrated emotion. It seems that he builds a structure with the words he says clearly, and then allows for the 'essence' of the song to come through in his energy and the instrumental. I might be over thinking it, but it definitely gets my hyped up.

  • ali

    agreed bro,u said that very well,most people look at an artist and automatically say they sound dumb or have no real lyricism,but question is do they bring that energy,thats something u cant deny

  • sik