Stream Snippets from Ab-Soul’s New Album, “These Days…”

With days left until the official release of Ab-Soul's These Days... album, the TDE-rhymer provides a 30-second stream of each song on the album on Amazon. The project highlights notable appearances from SZA, ScHoolboy Q, Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Jay Rock, Jhene Aiko, Danny Brown and Rick Ross. These Days... drops on June 24.

Stream: Ab-Soul's New Album, These Days... (Album Snippets)

1. “God’s Reign” (Feat. SZA) (produced by Purity Ring)
2. “Tree of Life” (produced Curti$$ King and DJ Dahi)
3. “Hunnid Stax” (Feat. ScHoolboy Q) (produced by Kenny Beats)
4. “Dub Sac” (produced by Dave Free & Tommy Black)
5. “World Runners” (Feat. Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean) (produced by Tae Beast)
6. “Nevermind That” (Feat. Rick Ross) (produced by The Kathy)
7. “TWACT” (Feat. Jinx & Short Dawg) (produced by DNYC3)
8. “Just Have Fun” (produced by Like and Blended Babies)
9. “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Terrace Martin)
10. “Closure” (produced by Sounwave)
11. “Sapiosexual” (produced by J. Cole)
12. “Stigmata” (Feat. Action Bronson & Asaad) (produced by Rahki)
13. “Feelin’ Us” (Feat. Jay Rock & RaVaughn) (produced by Skhye Hutch)
14. “Ride Slow” (Feat. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas) (produced by Larry Fisherman)
15. “W.R.O.H.” (Feat. JMSN) (produced by Tae Beast)

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / June 15, 2014 / 2659 Views
  • kk

    Dope features and produces... can't wait.

  • bloplop

    kaka... and dude like nobody's hatin youll niggas really all sound the same... bra dont nobody wanna hear, well yeh a lot of ppl do wanna hear a whole bunch of recanting but then i dunno dude,, like you guys act like u guys are the doody man, you guys really sound alike like 99 percent of you, if you switch cd's it's the exact same shit, like i dont get it dude like you can do so fucking much, and yeh these r snippets but i figure your shit will sound like crappy badu shit mixed with a whole bunch of regurgitation of some stupid ass shit ehhh bra, i dunno man... somebody maje a dope album about asshole, like an actual asshole bro... its really doable too like i mean seriously like get in inspired by a fucking number something my nigga, like dude it's boring shit but then again i left.... and youre just faking like youll left... it doesn't make no kind of sense what i just said unless u know and not some ehhh im not gonna explain but yeh dude like you guys sound alike and no nigga no more power to you for making money dude, you guys need to quit music and play golf come back and do suttin differrent bro... love you fellow humans though... touch a relative

  • Nick • Eyebone

    Nigga what are you trying to say? If you have so much to say right a letter.

  • lol


  • K.W.

    a few stand outs.

  • Nick • Eyebone

    LOL wow I failed.

  • genericname

    twact is just so bad, closure and ride slow sound so good tho, can't wait for this

  • smh

    u cant even write a coherent paragraph tho....

  • genius

    This track is at 3:32 of "Just Have Fun"