PSY featuring Snoop Dogg – Hangover

A clash of cultures is what happens in the official video for PSY and Snoop Dogg's collaboration "Hangover." In true KPop fashion, there's a lot of going in this 5-minute clip which finds the Korean artist offering his wild antics while Snoop Dogg and members of the YG family are living it up. The clip arrives just two weeks after his global monster "Gangnam Style" surpassed the two billion views mark on YouTube. PSY issued following statement in response:

"2 billion views...they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers," PSY said via a statement. "With appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!!"

“Hangover” is avaible for purchase sale via iTunes at 12 a.m. eastern on June 9 and is being released via School Boy Records/Republic Records. Enjoy the ride.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Music Videos / June 9, 2014 / 6787 Views
  • Sim1

    Lmfao snoop skipping? smh

  • William Figment

    I'll have whatever snoop is smoking

  • D

    This is the guy who used to record with Tupac?

  • MS


  • TopBananas

    wow this is trash. worst Psy song i've heard so far

  • DemRightBruv


  • TopBananas

    this video was at like 2.8 mil when i first commented it's now 3.6 a few hours later JHEEZE!!!

  • Jay


  • LetTheHateDie


  • damn

    The best way to explain this shit to anybody is by using a Batman quote. He said some shit about how the longer you are a hero sooner or later you will become the villain. Some shit like that. Rappers can't stay in the game too long because it will be the end of them. In hiphop your environment influences you so when you change that u change everything.

  • ImStillBaked

    3:07 - my new favourite 5 seconds of snoop dogg. Someone make a gif!

  • Guest

    There is something called, money, Snoop get's it

  • Guest

    There is something called money, Snoop gets it

  • (.__.” }

    This is a very good comment considering how easy it is just to type some form of insult regarding the other user's mom or sexual preference.

  • HB

    You can find that quote at the end of Captain Murphy's "The Killing Joke". Rap cats like Capt. and DOOM understand the choice of staying mainly under radar and make good shit, or chase the money and become a this.