Mac Miller featuring ScHoolboy Q – Melt (Produced by Pete Rock)

After sharing the og version of his Earl Sweatshirt-produced "The Star Room," Mac Miller serves us another goodie in honor of the first anniversary of his 2013 LP Watching Movies with the Sound Off. Below you can listen to "Melt," which appears to strem from the WMWTS recording sessions. It finds the Pittsburgh native trading verses with TDE's very own Groovy Q over an eerie Pete Rock-produced. Enjoy!

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / June 19, 2014 / 9677 Views / Photographer: David Daub
  • EARS

    I listened to this.

  • eminem10


  • Puto

    Eminem is trash

  • eminem10

    they're both trash, doesn't make this song sound any better

  • Can anyone believe this nigga?

    Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad

  • Richard P. Enus

    This is great

  • Sarah

    it wasn't THAT bad guys... mac millers career is dunzo tho

  • who the fuck says ‘dunzo’

    stfu bitch



  • Sarah

    I'm not saying hes terrible, but he doesn't have what it takes for longevity in the industry


    yes and no

  • Ginobli

    Naw this is trash! and I won the championship this year!

  • fur sure

    This dude deffa does hella drugs

  • DUH

    dude fuckiin obvs he literally raps about doing them... --

  • omg666

    the picture they used for this article is hilarious. he looks constipated or some shit

  • olom

    Mac miller tight so is q and Pete rock. They got good ears tho, and the track ain't that bad. Ya just bored hatin lol.


  • Damn

    Stop talking the mainstream bullshit because 90% of the people in the "industry" don't have longevity. Plus, this shit was fire and if Mac Miller not in your top ten then your a racist.

  • Sarah

    How am I racist against Mac Miller? I'm white... I used to be a big fan of his and I've seen him live, but I just think his shit is getting old. Who knows though, maybe he will surprise us with a better album??

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