Listen to Michael Jackson’s 50 Biggest Songs

Five years ago today, we lost arguably one of music's biggest artists, Michael Jackson. Honoring his four-decades spanning career and legacy, Rolling Stone has put together a playlist of 50 of his biggest songs, encompassing hits from his Motown days, the MTV era and his multi-million-selling Nineties records.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Playlist / June 25, 2014 / 1216 Views
  • maikel

    the one and only true king of pop. RIP

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  • DemRightBruv

    I need you Michael, I know you're out there, please give me a sign

  • Shevskzbmhs

    The girl is mine track with paul mccartney probably one of the best collabs of all time

  • Lord_FAFA

    I'm a lover not a fighter

  • Chrysa Koumoundourou

    His spirit lives on...he never left :) always loving our Jacko <3 the Legend, the King of Music._

  • fuckyoaunty

    fuck yo aunty , we talking about MJ

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