Left Boy – 10 A.M.

Left Boy is back at it again and serves us another great impression from his excellent Permanent Midnight as unleashes the visual companion to his latest single "10 A.M." Shot at his home in Vienna, Austria, the clip offers us some insight into a regular day in the life of this talented artist when he stays in for a day and yet remains productive by browsing YouTube, producing beats and staying connected with the opposite sex. Watch it above!

By: Staff / Music Videos / June 5, 2014 / 7607 Views
  • Right Girl

    Dat vid though (4k, dafuq?!)

  • http://Greyskull.us/ Greyskull.us

    nice crib

  • Took a shit on my mac

    Swear i started tripping the fuck out as soon as all the screens began popping out ahahah. You're a fuck boy left, touché.

  • nadhit

    i think i saw his son *-*



  • K.W.

    puts in trash can, then empties trash can.

  • Com_Truise

    Dope video. Song is pretty good too.

  • EdytaHusseinmuo

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