Jez Dior featuring Olivver – Kings/1ØØ

Following the great response of his last single "Old No.7," Jez Dior continues his rise within the industry with double single premiere "Kings/100" featuring Olivver. There has been already quite some buzz around the tune as #Kings100 has been trending on Twitter today. The Los Angeles native says:

You don't need a crown to be a king. If you love what you do you are a king in your own right. "Kings" is a song about redemption and hard work…blood, sweat, tears. It's a song about being at your lowest point and crawling out of it to become 100% content. Being a king is feeling in control of your own destiny. I feel like the king of my own world. I know Olivver and Danny feel the same way about themselves. They are my brothers. Kings exist. We wear no crowns but we wear our hearts through all of this. We hope you enjoy the song.

You can also play the Danny Score-produced cut and celebrate that the Los Angeles Kings made it to the Stanley Cup finals. Enjoy!