J. Cole Debuts “Lights Please” Music Video, Announces ‘Dollar & A Dream Tour’ Dates

Commemorating the fifth anniversary of his debut mixtape, The Warm Up, J. Cole has announced the dates for his second annual 'Dollar & A Dream Tour.' Set to kick off July 3 with a show in London, England, tickets to the tour itself are set to become available on a first come, first served basis and are priced at just one dollar. Alongside this announcement, the Roc Nation rapper has also revealed the official music video for "Lights Please," and shared an open letter that reflects on the last five years and the impact of his music. In the open letter, which can be viewed here, Cole shared his personal insights concerning the tape's success and imprint to his many fans and supporters. Check out the official music video for "Lights Please" above and scroll down for a first look at his coming tour dates.

J. Cole - Dollar & A Dream Tour 'The Warm Up' Dates & Venues:

July 3 - London, UK
July 15 - New York, NYC
July 17 - Miami, FL
July 19 - Raleigh, NC
July 21 - Chicago, IL
July 23 - Los Angeles, CA


By: Albert Guillermo / News / June 16, 2014 / 3796 Views
  • Lou

    How can I get tickets for the London date?!

  • Mockus

    COLE WORLD....Lets WARM (it) UP

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  • LyricallyHB

    There are no tickets. You just show up with a buck.

  • Ayoolu Elizabeth Adeogun

    In London do we come with a pound or an actual dollar? lol

  • LyricallyHB

    Haha that's a damn good question, I don't know actually

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrJQSVcOJjE THEDONROTTY


  • Marco Cortez

    I think a pound will be alright!

  • Cole Fan!

    Its a Poud and a Dream tour here in london..

  • Cole Fan!


  • Cole Fan!

    Its a Pound and a Dream tour in london mannn..

  • Your mamas idol

    Heey why dont you get your aunt to do that! Get mad money, matter of fact why dont you tell ur aunt to be a stri*per, she will get a waaay better turn out than this..

  • Pradip Gurung

    Does anyone going to London show, do you know where the venue will be?

  • Cole World

    It's all revealed tonight at midnight... Sorry for late reply lol