Houston Declares June 10 As ‘Drake Day’

Drake's close relationship with the city of Houston has been well-documented since his early mixtape days. With his own Houston Appreciation Weekend kicking off today, Drizzy has never left a shadow of doubt for his love for the Texas city. Now, it looks like the mutual appreciation has entered a new stage as Mayor Annise D. Parker has made June 10 "Drake Day" in the city of Houston. The Toronto native took to Instagram Thursday night to unveil a picture of his new proclamation of “Drake Day," with a small excerpt that reads:

"In 2008, Lil Wayne invited Drake to fly to Houston and tour with him, and as a result, Drake has been a City Of Houston Ambassador, paying homage to Houston through his lyrics. He frequently mentions Houston in his songs, such as when he coined the term "Houstatlantavegas", and has also been known to show kindness to the citizens of Houston."

The OVO honcho received the proclamation at Minute Maid Park tonight, where he’s hosting Houston Appreciation Night at the Astros game.

By: Albert Guillermo / News / June 13, 2014 / 1503 Views
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  • eminem10

    I thought this said Houston declares Drake Gay

  • Dev

    That's kind of cool. A bit weird. But well, no hating. He's loved the fuck out that city for like 7 years at least publicly.

  • Dev

    Plus he put hella texan producers and rappers that are fire as fuck like Eric Dingus on.

  • Gerald Martin Johanssen

    only day that matters is June 27th S.U.C