Hoodie Allen – Nolan Ryan

In anticipation of his upcoming debut album, Hoodie Allen decided to drop a special treat for his fans. Produced by Illmind and recorded in a hotel room, his latest song is titled after former Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan and boasts a clever soulful backdrop to accompany Allen's four-verse rap, including a shout to Chipotle. Play the lighthearted track above and mark you calendars as Hoodie's debut full-length arrives in August.

By: Staff / Alternative / June 15, 2014 / 2501 Views
  • name

    1 this is a bit old now 2 i assume you know about the disses and the track that came after it

  • HypetrackFanHangingByTheThread

    I used to come to this site because I thought it had a great mix of genres not only focusing on Top 40 pop and hip-hop. Also loved it because they were on top of their shit with the newest tracks on the net but I've come to realize Hypetrak's fallen off. It sucks, I followed this site since I was H.S. and this was just a tab on Hybeast.com. Get your shit together else imma stick to pigeons and planes.

  • K.W.

    annoying beat annoying rapper.

  • わさび Wasabi Chef シェフ

    well damn this some of the corniest wackest shit Ive heard in awhile

  • nzman7

    better than you could rap, so don't hate! ;) "don't hate the player, hate the game"