Here’s What Happens When Odd Future Meets BuzzFeed

Last month, BuzzFeed invited the Odd Future crew out to their New York office for the day. During OF's time there, BuzzFeed sat down with the guys (Tyler, Taco, Jasper, OG Juan, Big Cam, Lionel and Earl) for an interview. As you might imagine, with them being the brains behind Loiter Squad and all, hilariousness ensued. Read an excerpt from the interview below, and click here to read it in full.

Would you rather be 4’4” or 7’7”?

Taco: 7’7”. I’m going straight to the league, n***a! We getting buckets!

Lionel: You can’t do sh*t fun if you’re 7’7”.

Taco: You can have a jet if you’re in the NBA ballin’.

Jasper: Yeah, your legs are getting f*cked up after one year.

Taco: Damn, your d*ck gon’ be small as f*ck if you look at it from afar. ‘Cause if it’s a normal-size d*ck and you a 7-foot-tall n***a, your shit is going to look f*cked up.

Jasper: I’m 4’4” wit it, up top. I’m down with eating p*ssy standing up.

Tyler: Yeah I’m 4’4” wit it.

Earl: Right! I’m out here getting picked up by b*tches to kiss. I’m a ninja ‘cause I’m little. I can get in and out of places easily. C’mon, y’all. It’s all about subtlety. Who the f*ck could be subtle at 7’7”?

Taco: F*ck that! We going to the league, kid! We gonna have the jumper too! I’m gonna bang out on everybody. I’m the new Yao Ming.

Earl: Nah, I’mma be having my girl pick me up so I can kiss her on the mouth.

By: Eric Montanez / News / June 12, 2014 / 4326 Views / Photographer: Macey J. Foronda / Source: BuzzFeed
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  • maikel

    nothing new

  • pm

    How's Frank doing tho?

  • fsgsgfsfdg

    Taco talks too damn much.

  • Baba Biscuit

    he's still gay

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  • DemRightBruv

    What a garbage question. Everybody knows niggas don't need to be 7'7"-tall to have a big fucking dick.

  • cformusic

    true..i believe the cutoff point is actually 7'5"

  • HB

    Imagine how much you'd be making if you could fucking spell.

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