Frank Ocean Parts Ways With Management And Publicist

The names Christian and Kelly Clancy of 4 Strikes Management will sound more than familiar to fans of the Odd Future collective, as the duo is often considered the "de facto godparents" of the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and - up until now - Frank Ocean. According to an article by BuzzFeed, it has today been revealed that Frank Ocean has not only parted ways with the Clancy family as his management, but has also moved away from his PR agency Life or Death PR in favor of Hollywood agency ID PR. Although the reason behind these crucial changes are yet to be disclosed, despite this, Ocean's forthcoming sophomore album is still in the works, as director Nabil Elderkin - who has worked with Ocean on past and current projects - noted that "Everyone should be excited about this new album — that shit is fire... He’s making a great record. It blows the sophomore-album myth out of the water."

By: Zahra Jamshed / News / June 26, 2014 / 6519 Views
  • Erik Daisy

    what a bad decision everyone has left the clancy's that have been rep'd by them and have lost a huge majority of fanbase I hope he knows what he's doing

  • SailorMoonXXX

    stfu world different now u fuck face

  • msswainson


  • lolool


  • nat

    so does this mean he is no longer in odd future??

  • Meruem

    ?? Frank has always been extremely popular with non OF fans because many people don't realize he is apart of the clique. I'm sure his popularity will be more or less the same.

  • Bo Bun

    honestly saw it coming

  • TopBananas

    who else left?

  • Erik Daisy

    eminem left and this other guy there's a reason I don't remember his name

  • TopBananas

    Eminem was managed by the Clancy's or are you talking Life or Death PR? Also do you mean recently?

  • Dog

    He's taking things so serious


    he talking out of his ass

  • matt

    it really just sounds like he's getting too big for them to handle anymore. i'm sure he's still cool with the clancy's, it's just that it's hard for them to manage all of Odd Future (their store, their music, their TV show, their clothing line, etc) and Frank's crazy popular career at the same time.

  • Jacob

    He's still part of Odd Future, it's just that he has picked to go a different route in life and management.

  • BreAndreya

    loyal frank O fans will follow him through thick and thin. wether in OF or not.