Drake – 0 to 100 (Jay Pharoah Freestyle)

Now that Saturday Night Live is on a break until fall, comedian and actor Jay Pharoah has plenty of time to pursue his rap endeavors -- trying his hand at Drake's "0 to 100" in this six-minute number. Iterating the compelling hit with his own introvert lyrics, the freestyle showcase Pharoah's methodical approach to rap, speaking on his love life, family and friends. This is not the first time Pharoah has taken on one of Drizzy's hits, last month he offered a freestyle to "Draft Day" which you can listen to via his SoundCloud.

By: Arthur Bray / Hip hop / June 11, 2014 / 1214 Views
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  • Valentine416

    My first thought was to write him off cuz he's from SNL, but then I thought about where Drake came from. So all that matters is the music

  • K.W.

    jay pharoah can rap.

  • kaboozleheimer

    why every skinny black comedian wanna also be a rapper
    looking at you, donald